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When is ‘Enough’ Enough?

According to the media, whether it’s TV, magazines or the internet, it seems everyone is supposed to want to be a millionaire.

While a million dollars is certainly a specific amount (and that’s what we’re told a goal has to be:  specific), few of us ever consider what being a millionaire truly means.  Since as a goal it comes from someone else, from the outside and not from our internal command center, “being a millionaire” lacks the emotional oomph that’s needed to get us from where we are today to there.  (Besides, it’s kind of a guy thing.  Doesn’t really resonate with us.)

What’s much more powerful is when we women describe what we want our lives to look like, in detail.  We want enough so we never have to worry about our day-to-day expenses.  We want enough to be able to travel where and when we want.  We want enough to take care of ourselves if we ever get sick, or if someone near and dear needs something.  We want enough to lend a helping hand to those we know … and to those we don’t.  We want enough to live out our passions for the rest of our lives.

Curious how the operative word is “enough.”

Not “abundance.”  But rather “enough.”

(Hey, I’m thrilled, because the word “abundance” drives me crazy.  What does it mean?  That and “law of attraction.”  Those two became buzz words five or ten years ago.  They were thrown around so carelessly, as if they had magic powers in and of themselves.  But they’re hollow words, in my mind, and need to be attached to actions and definitions if they’re going to have any value as methods or motivators.)

So are we settling for less by focusing on having “enough” instead of “abundance?”  Not at all!

Perhaps because so many of us have carried around the niggling fear of someday becoming a bag lady, of not having enough to live on, or of not believing we deserve what the glossy magazines tell us is our birthright … most haven’t given much thought to exactly how our ideal life would look.  It’s just a hazy wish, to be dealt with some other time.

But when women do focus, what I find we all want deep down is security.  In other words, the peace of mind of being free of any financial fear.  (Plus some.)

What brings me peace of mind may not be what brings peace of mind to you.  Each of us defines “enough” very individually.  And every definition is right.

Have you ever thought about what “enough” means to you?  What your life would look like if you had enough?  What it might cost to live that life?  It’s vital to do so, whether it’s a specific amount you want to have available each month … or year … or invested and throwing off income … to spend as you choose.

This is an exercise I do with the women I mentor, so they have a clear goal and know where they’re headed.  It magically pulls them forward, helping them keep on the correct path and not take bunches of detours.

When you have a few free moments, try doing the same and bask in how empowering it is.