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Five Free Things You Can Be Thankful For, No Matter What

Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving“Bah, humbug,” she says as she defrosts the turkey and thinks of the gazillion things to do before anyone sits down to eat on Thanksgiving Day.  “It would be easier to just give them all nachos to munch on in front of the TV…”

Okay, we have Koreans shooting at each other.  Unemployment stubbornly high.  Housing values not bottoming out.  Another European country getting bailed out (when will the bailouts end???).  Markets doing crazy things.  Everyone talking about buying gold.  Uncertainty … uncertainty … uncertainty.

Despite all that uncertainty, there are five things I know for sure, that you can be grateful for, no matter what:

1.    Your knowledge that the most precious thing you can give anyone is your time—whether it’s a phone call to someone who thinks you’ve forgotten them, or a glass of wine shared with a friend, or a round of Apples-to-Apples or another game with the kids (which means the TV is off and you’re focused on just them).

2.    Your knowledge that “neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail” will keep the people you love from making it back for the warmth of family at Thanksgiving, if humanly possible.  Whether it’s to share a feast or a simple chicken dinner, what counts is the love that’s sprinkled on the meal.

3.    Your knowledge that, in light of the barrage of Black Friday ads you’ve been scanning, you have the ability to discern between healthy and unhealthy purchases:  those that will save you a boatload of money on things you really NEED to buy… versus those you WANT to buy and that will leave your next credit card balance heavier than ever.

4.    Your knowledge that, in spite of the challenges brought on by the sluggish U.S. economy—and what that means for jobs and housing—we still live among the most free and resilient people in the world.  We will get past this slump and thrive again.

5.    Your knowledge that, regardless what your finances look like today … and whether or not you’re prepared financially for the long term … it is always possible to turn things around by changing priorities, attitudes, and expectations.  And if you lack that knowledge today …

As my gift to you, I promise to share with you everything I know about changing your relationship with money so it can flow towards you more easily and more constantly.  As it has for me.

If you haven’t read it yet, first start with my free report by clicking here.

Here’s to a blessed Thanksgiving Day!

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