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Start Your Retirement Life Now

Retirement won’t be like before: one door closing, then another opening. It will be a continuum. So why not start now?Continue Reading

Getting Financially Free: So Where’s YOUR Hang-up?

To be financially free, you need to be comfortable with all three aspects of money. Anything less and you won’t thrive. Come see what they are …Continue Reading

Financial Independence: A Quick and Dirty Path to Freedom

Reaching financial independence can be complicated … or you can take the quick and dirty path to freedom. Take your pick.Continue Reading

Financial Freedom Is All About Your Choices

Financial freedom depends entirely on your choices. But you need to be sure you’re choosing what YOU want, not what you THINK you should want.Continue Reading

Your Money Is Just Like the Wizard of Oz

Remember the Wizard of Oz? Well, by not dealing with your money you’re giving it the same power as the Wizard had, until Toto pulled back the curtain … Time to pull back your virtual curtain too!Continue Reading

The Three Stumbling Blocks On The Path To “Financial Security”

When it comes to financial security, you’ve heard all your life that “the earlier you start saving for retirement, the better…” Yet somehow life always got in the way. What are the three stumbling blocks that could keep you from catching up and achieving the financial peace of mind you seek?Continue Reading

When is ‘Enough’ Enough?

When women define what financial freedom means to them, one word that pops up often is “enough.” Not “abundance” … not “being a millionaire.” They want to have enough … plus a little bit. Hmmmm…Continue Reading

Three Little Questions

Over the past few years, my friends have watched as I’ve gotten more and more passionate about understanding the things that lead us to make bad financial decisions. The things that keep us from thriving. The things that brought my own financial world down after 9/11. By ‘bad financial decisions’ I’m not talking about pickingContinue Reading