An Unusual Blog Tour: The Bus Stops Here

The Bus Stops Here
Collage card by Sharon O’Day

In case you’d rather listen than read …


A few weeks ago, my charming, creative and adventurous online friend Roslyn Tanner Evans asked me to be part of a blog tour, explaining that she would pass the baton to me, as one of her three selected bloggers, and would answer a few questions about her blogging practices. I accepted. Then Roz, who is thriving in a new jewelry design business called Earth and Moon Design, wrote about how answering the four questions opened her eyes to revelations about herself.

The same thing happened to me.

Let me answer the questions and you’ll see what I mean.

What am I working on?

As a life-long entrepreneur, I’ve always believed in having what I call my “quilt” of activities. (Others call that “multiple streams of income.”)

My readers know me best as a Money Mentor, helping people (primarily women) take command and control of their finances in order to build a more secure financial future. But I also have an import/export consulting business and a large-scale international power-generation consulting practice.

The first one keeps my fingers in many pies as I guide companies – usually small ones – to be more competitive by helping them import or export products. The second one involves me in major projects in foreign countries. Sometimes they are petroleum-related, sometimes related to electricity, heavy-equipment investments … in short, projects that can take years to come to fruition. Both these activities have been the backbone of my career, spanning more than four decades.

Lastly, more recently I’ve given in to a playful, creative urge that has led me to launch a jewelry line that combines two worlds I love: I use agates that come from my home country of Brazil, where my father had mines. And I use Venetian glass that I discovered during the years I worked in Europe.

A full plate, right?

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Here let’s stick to the activity you know me for: money mentoring.

This activity grew out of a personal event that took place in my early fifties: I lost all my money, despite being a finance person who was good with numbers. (Details can be found in My Story.) As I rebuilt my life from scratch and sought to understand how that loss had happened, I realized I was not alone. Many women operate under all sorts of mixed messages, unclear understandings and a form of money blindness … mostly because of how they were raised around money.

Over the years, money has become the topic du jour. Today everyone offers money programs on mindset, on changing expectations, on spiritual alignment. Where my work differs is that it addresses the psychological messed-messaging, but then it gets down to brass tacks. Hard numbers. And here come my favorite expressions: “personal responsibility” and “self determination.”

I’m probably one of the most empathic cheerleaders you know, but I’m also a no-nonsense, no-holds-barred, let’s-get-you-in-charge-of-these-numbers mentor. I lovingly confront my readers with their reality, always giving them the steps to fix things. As I often say:

“Your life today is the accumulation of all your past decisions. The good news is that you can change it by making better decisions.”

Why do I write what I do?

For the past four years, I have been driven to share all my knowledge about money. Part of that drive comes from having watched my mother face financial uncertainty in her last years. The look on her face broke my heart. And part of that drive comes from knowing that virtually every woman has inside her the ability to take control of her finances – it’s not rocket science – but someone needs to show her that truth.

For four years I have tried to show my readers that truth.

How does my writing process work?

I have a lot of respect for people who talk about writing calendars and content management. I really do. But I don’t function that way. I stay connected to my “universe” of women readers (whether clients or not) through Facebook, the comments on my articles, emails I receive asking for guidance or calls for straight-out help. During the week, certain ideas stick in my brain. I see new patterns. New concerns.

And when it comes time to write, usually the night before publication, I pick one of the ideas, sit with it for a few minutes and maybe research a fact or two that supports my position. Then I allow the floodgates to open. I call them my “downloads.” Words flow out of my fingers and, an hour later, an article of 800-1,000 words is ready to record for the accompanying audio.

I’ve done this nearly 200 times. (191 to be exact.)

So why an “unusual” blog tour?

Because the bus stops here.

I’m done writing. I know how many women have made wonderful life changes as a result of my words. I also know how many read my words week-in-week-out, tell me how great my writing is and change nothing. I see some women buying into fantasy business solutions that are destined to fail and to leave them even worse off. I see the way the internet disseminates information with no filters of truth, yet some strange mantle of credibility. I see more “busy-ness” than “business.”

I don’t believe my words can do any more good right now. The 191 articles (plus two wonderful guest articles) will stay up for anyone to benefit.

But it is time for me to ride off into the sunset and reinvent how I share what I know. Instead of writing and mentoring, I’m going to dedicate that time to visiting offline universes. I’ll see if I can conjure up something that will reach more women and inspire them to make the changes needed for them to take care of themselves.

Meanwhile, I’ll see you on Facebook. I’ll click “like” and make my little comments. I’ll post pictures of wherever I roam. I might even put my jewelry designs online and tempt you with my beauties.

Know that you’ll be in my heart … and that I’ll be available for financial 9-1-1 calls. (As the eternal cheerleader, I’ll even hold on to my pom-poms.)

And I’ll be back when the time’s right for you … and for me.

As we say here in South Florida, hasta luego.





Bio: Sharon O’Day fixes financial lives. She is a tell-it-like-it-is money expert with a successful career in global finance, plus an MBA from the Wharton School. Today she specializes in getting entrepreneurial women over 50 back on their game so they can have more money, less stress and more joy. With her “Over Fifty and Financially Free” strategies, they take actions that lead to their ultimate goal: financial  peace of mind.


  • Roslyn Tanner Evans

    EXtraordinary and inspiring. It is so important to always be looking and assessing the path you are on. I applaud you for making this decision. I also anticipate you will be writing about something else in the future. your life is meaningful and adventurous. Perhaps that is the greatest gift you can pass on to women to see what is possible. I won’t say I will miss you because I intend to track you. Fondly, Roz

    • Roz, we have too much in common NOT to continue crossing paths. They’ll just be slightly different paths!

      • Roslyn Tanner Evans

        I so look forward to doorways and paths our relationship will introduce me to.

  • Tracy Mollo

    Sad to hear this! I’ve enjoying learning from you! Best wishes for your next endeavor and stay in touch. Thanks for the years of sharing your wisdom!

    • Tracy, I still owe you. We haven’t finished what we started. But this decision will free me up to dedicate time to more direct engagement with women ready to jump in and take action … as you did. I’ll be in touch!

  • Diane Massad

    Appreciation for your gifts of knowledge and ongoing holding a light ahigh. Wishing success in your targeted efforts.

    • Thanks, Diane, for your kind words and for your loyal readership over the years! I will find another way to interact and hope you’ll join me again.

  • Carele Belanger

    Thank you for everything you did. Wishing you great success on your next step.




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RESPECTEZ NISTOR IONEL, COBAYUL EUROPE Roumanie et je n'ai pas d'argent pour la médecine enquêtes, l'alimenta?ie, utile! ! aidez-moi Avec respecte et tout le meilleur, FAM, NISTOR IONEL. Attendre une REPONSE de DV! FAM: NISTOR IONEL STR., Suceava, n ° 69, Ap.5, VILLE, Oradea , ETAT, Bihor, COD, de ora?, 410087 , Pays, la Roumanie MON DIEU vous bénisse! RESPECT FAM NISTOR

  • Sharon, sad to hear your decision. I have been exhibited my loyal readership over the years. Wishing you a resounding success on your upcoming endeavor, a welcoming change.

    • Thanks, Lorii, I do appreciate knowing you were one of my loyal readers. I hope that brought an awareness somewhere of something that could make your future even more promising!

  • Carmen

    Sharon, Another great post as usual. Know over the last year+ you’ve definately made an impact on me with your words of wisdom. I wish you well and look forward to what you share on your social media. Take care of you. Xx

    • Carmen, your push for broadly defined personal “well-being” figured strongly into my decision. So know that you have had an impact on MY decision-making process, as I hope I have had for you! 😉

  • fredmcmurray

    Great post Sharon, I always love reading your posts.

    • Thanks, Fred. I always love your incisive comments! 😉

  • Susan Schiller

    Somehow I felt this day was coming, and I know it doesn’t mean good-bye – it feels like a send-off, actually… as if we are witnessing you wave off to a new adventure. I know it will be good. I am so glad to have met you and explored the online universe together in 2010. Four years… your dedication and gentle, loving support mean so very much!

    • There’s no way I’m letting go of my special seat … watching Sue on her magical journey! You know that. Stay in touch, my friend.

  • Love how much you share about yourself and your life Sharon. Although I’m sad to hear that you’re taking off your “writing hat”, I’m excited for you to follow this new future that is calling you and look forward to hearing what exciting life adventures you are creating for yourself.

    I’ve truly enjoyed having the opportunity to connect with you, even if for a short time, and hope that our paths and ideas will cross again. Enjoy the journey, wherever that leads you. May your passions and wishes for yourself, be fulfilled!

    • Beverley, I look forward to hearing at some point that you’ve come down out of that cold winter weather and are coming to enjoy our Florida sunshine. Then we can have that promised face-to-face!

  • Maggie DeGennaro

    Wonderful post Sharon, always loved reading your valuable information. Plus a added bonus I love that we have a friendship. Much success to you.

    • Our friendship will certainly survive this little transition of mine, Maggie. I have so much respect for the honor and values you bring to your real estate activities, and I continue ready to help however I can.

  • I Love doing blog tours they so much fun… and you do have your plate full however I know you love it… great post and thanks for sharing a part of who you are

    • I know we’ll continue intertwined somehow, Carly. Just perhaps in a different format … 😉

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  • Meryl Beck

    This is a great post! I appreciate you sharing, and wish you the absolute best on your new journey!

    • Thank you, Meryl, I appreciate all you’ve shared over the years as well. You’ve inspired me more than you know!

  • The best of luck to wherever your journey takes you. As one of just a few women I truly admire, I know you’ll be able to make the most of whatever it is that you do!

    • You and I won’t be that far apart, Kat, because you need to keep my technology going … for which I (and all my readers, I’m guessing) thank you!

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  • Michele Grace

    Congrats this is BIG, so excited for you.

    • Yes, Michele, it is big. Making space for new things …

  • Alexandra McAllister

    OMGoodness! This is going to be quite a change, Sharon. I know this will be a wonderful journey and I for one, will miss your posts. I do look forward to hearing and seeing what you’ll be doing when you return. Wishing you much luck and success!

    • Thanks, Alexandra! I’ve always felt that we “spoke” to one another in terms of life lessons we had learned, and knew that no matter what I wrote, at least one person would know exactly what I was talking about: you. 😉 I’m so happy to see you getting some traction in your business and wish with all my heart that you continue to thrive!

  • Sharon, I will miss your writing. I love your take on our personal and business finances. Your financial advice will continue in your 191 blogs. When I need my fix I will begin by visiting the ones I missed! I wish you continued success.

    • Ana, from the response I’m getting, I’m thinking of programming earlier articles to appear, one a week, on my Facebook page, for example, while I figure out what my next “incarnation” looks like. 😉 I appreciate knowing that they have been valuable to you!

      • That’s a great idea. I feel that I ‘discovered’ your blog somewhere around #170…it would be wonderful to visit the ones that I missed on a weekly basis. Even when a particular blog didn’t apply to me, personally, I found great value and wisdom in them.
        I understand the need to define the personal and practical value to some of our efforts; they can be quite time consuming.

        • I’ll let you know what I set up, Ana … maybe posting every Monday so you can go look if you like. If you’ll IM me an email address, I’ll be sure to give you a heads up.

  • MariAnnLisenbe

    Good for you, Sharon! I can completely relate to what you are saying/doing. There’s only so much info you can give others, then it’s up to them to make the changes. Regrettably, most people won’t do it, and will instead buy into the quick money schemes (or, in my case, the quick weight loss drinks!). I can’t wait to hear about all your new adventures 🙂

    • We’ll catch up on all my new adventures, wherever they take me, MariAnn … after all, our history of Friday Masterminds can never be fully abandoned!

  • jessica

    sharon, i was sad to read this as i enjoy reading your posts and sharing in on your knowledge. you should consider speaking or coaching….also, never say never on continuing the blog (every once and awhile). best of luck on your future endeavors.

    • Thanks, Jessica, I’ve learned that “never” is a very long time. So, you never know … 😉

  • kungphoo

    Oh no, I’m going to miss all of your posts! Wishing you all of the best though! 🙂

    • Rob, I’m just giving you the time to implement all you said you would, after reading each post … 😉 Then we’ll cross paths again …

  • MamaRed

    You deserve the very very best and know wherever you land or whatever you touch, it will be imbued with your special form of tough ass love and huge heart. May you wander in joy!

    • I accept the “tough ass love and huge heart” moniker, Ms. MamaRed! It takes one to know one … 😉 Now go out there and soar!

  • Dr. Mary C Kelly

    Wow Sharon! What an amazing story! Your journey is amazing. Thanks for sharing and we will continue to look for your insights!
    Warmly, Mary

    • Thank you, Mary; I always felt you and I were traveling in similar territory. I wish you the best in your leadership training; with your military background, plus your business and economics understanding, you’re perfect for the challenge!

  • robindavidman

    Sharon, I’ll miss your wonderful articles however I am excited for you as you explore new opportunities and build on your long-term projects. I admire your strength and positivity and wish you all the best!

    • Robin, I’m not sure why my response to you disappeared from this thread, but I didn’t want to leave it that way. I’ve enjoyed all our online interaction (especially knowing we are just about 45 minutes apart geographically!). Maybe we ought to think about closing the loop with a nice lunch somewhere in between?

      • robindavidman

        Thank you, Sharon. I look forward to having that lunch when my work and personal life schedules settle down a bit. Until then I fondly anticipate our continued interaction online.

  • Bonnie Cehovet

    I tad bit startled here, but wishing you well wherever you are, and whatever you are doing.

    • Thanks, Bonnie. It was a surprise to me as well … as I realized that I had pushed as long and hard as I could, and was ready to take a little break and then find yet another way to serve!

  • Marie Leslie

    wow! What a great new adventure you are on. You definitely caught my attention with beautiful agates–in one of my former “re-inventions” I was an avid amateur geologist and geology teacher–and I still have a love affair with agate.

    I am sure I never expressed enough gratitude for your words of wisdom and encouragement as I went through my own financial Hades, but you inspired me to hang in there and change and things are so much for the better now.

    I wish you all the best and cannot wait to see what wonderful new universes you discover and conquer on your latest journey.

    • Thank you for letting me know, Marie, that I played a little role in getting you through a difficult patch. As I hear these stories at this point in time, it makes all the effort worthwhile … because that was always my goal: to show women how to trust in their financial instincts and abilities. Brava!

  • Tina Ashburn

    Congratulations on your decisions. Your blogs have always inspired me and I have learned so much, I will miss you tremendously. But I do understand moving on, and I know you will be successful in your new endeavor. I hope you have “liked” all of our pages (mine is and that you’ll continue to stop by and say Hi! whenever you want to (you’re always welcome!). And please don’t be a stranger…feel free to write or post pictures or whatever suits your fancy at the moment. I wish you all the best as you begin this new adventure.

    • Thanks, Tina, for the reminder to “like” everyone’s page so I can drop by and nudge each of you in the future. 😉 And keep up the great work engaging your customers as you add online marketing to your wonderful flower and gift basket business!

  • Gina Stroud Binder

    Wow, Sharon! Your story is amazing and inspiring. I’m glad your articles will stay online, because they are filled with genuine value. And I’m glad that you will be exploring other venues and other ways to share what you know.

    • Gina, thanks for sharing your appreciation of what I’ve written. What I may also do is set them up in a form of automated posting, so they may land every so often in a Facebook thread when you’re most ready to read one. Life’s like that. 😉

  • Hi Sharon,
    What first attracted me to your site was the fact that you had reinvented yourself and now I read that you are changing shift I am just as inspired. I love your honesty and your insight that shines through your writing and will shine too in your offline ventures.
    Wishing you much success and happiness!

    • Reading this and your personal note, Carolyn, have touched me in ways you can never know. I don’t doubt the beacon I was able to be to some–you among them–and know you’re fully on your path to soaring! Now I have to find a way to reach those I didn’t reach … which will likely have to take some other form. I’ll stay in contact and glide along beside you …

  • Karen Brooks

    Sharon, I know that you will excel in anything that you do. Best wishes. Our paths will cross again!

  • Wise and brave. Thank you for sharing your truth bravely and for being an example of what it means to follow ones dreams. You are a ray of sunshine!!! Best wishes to you on your new journey

    • To my young warrior, stay your course. We’ll be back in touch!

  • Linda Toqe

    Aaaw, will miss your posts! It’s good to know when it’s time to change though too… You have so much to offer others, and many will still benefit from your knowledge and experiences in your other endeavors! I’m glad I got to meet you 5 years ago! A real blessing!!

    • I remember that dinner well, Linda. With Lily and Paula, the last evening of the event … 😉

  • Great, Sharon, kudos to you for pursuing your path and changing directions. I enjoyed your blog posts and I know one day we will meet and share this bottle! Until then it will be Facebook. I am very happy for you and you continue to be an inspiration to us all!

    • I have no doubt, Barbara, but that we’ll get together on one side of The Pond or the other … more likely on your side. Keep that bottle lightly chilled, my friend! 😉

  • Nate Leung

    HI Sharon,

    I love what you said about having multiple streams of income. You never know when you need a back up plan and having and growing those streams are the way to go.

    • Especially in the early years of an venture, Nate, multiple streams can serve as momentum in one activity as another takes longer to take hold, and vice versa …

  • Robert J. Cardwell

    Bravo, my friend. Now, let the real magic begin (though you’ve been an excellent, long-time conjuror of the forces of good and support. My thoughts are with you … with a grin, of course.

    • Remember my magic wand? 😉

      • Robert J. Cardwell

        Yes, indeed … more importantly, do you remember mine?

  • joannevictoria

    Hey..good for you knowing when to stop and regroup! The best to you.

  • Sharon, congratulations on a job well done!!!! Learning when to say I’ve done my part in this area of my life or mission is hard for many people. I wish you the best as you seek out new opportunities and venues to share your life changing message!

    • Thanks, Don. As difficult as it might be to jump into the void, at times it’s the best thing to do. I know it will result in the clearest new decision possible, as opposed to trying to morph things from within.

  • Jessica Stone

    Blessings to you, Sharon, as you move into the next chapter of your life. Great job!!!

  • Veronica Solomon

    Awwww Sharon, it is sad to see you go from writing, but I have always respected your wisdom and your clarity in your decision making, so I know this is what’s best for you. I have read many of your articles and have kept them in my back pocket…..some I am attempting to do now, and some I can’t wait to do in the near future. All in all, you have been a tremendous inspiration to me and I am sure countless other women here on the worldwide web. May your adventures bring you the joy and fulfillment that I know you will find (and already have I know). Wishing you blessings and all the very best 🙂

    • I really admire your ability to bring the “physical” world of interior design online, Veronica. And your ability to infuse it with your personality. (That’s why I shared so many of your articles.) May that magnify the offline success you so deserve! I might program the periodic posting of earlier articles … just for those who enjoy being poked into action in a direction they want to follow anyway! I have no doubt that you’re absorbing every piece that moves you towards financial security for yourself and your family. It’s written all over you. 😉

  • Hey Sharon, I wish you all the best in the next phase of your life! It was great meeting you in person a few years ago through and learning about your amazing life experiences. I too am undergoing a “transition”. I hope to keep in touch with you on Facebook and look forward to seeing your new adventures. God bless! 🙂

    • Thea, I’ve watched as you moved your business forward and am curious to see where YOUR transition will take you. Wherever it is, with full commitment and some hard work, you’ll make a success of it. Guess we’ll both see soon enough, huh? 😉

  • Sharon,

    I know you stopped by my blog just as our friend Roz invited you to the blog tour (of sorts). Finally with a few minutes to really read your post, I so appreciate this opportunity to know more about YOU!

    “Your life today is the accumulation of all your past decisions. The good news is that you can change it by making better decisions.” Your quote spoke to me. I agree with you, and it even frustrates me sometimes, that “personal responsibility” and “self determination” have been erased from parts of our society. Thank you for championing these traits in women!

    Previous to my current endeavors, I worked with international people. Many from Brazil, and I smiled when I read where you are from. (Curious here). Brazil is on my list to visit. 🙂

    Thank you for being part of the blog tour, and for sharing what you know!


    • Sorry to have met you so close to the hiatus this article announced, Keri. Roz kept telling me I’d really like you. 😉 But, as I’ve said elsewhere, I’m not disappearing, just morphing. (Yet with no idea what the butterfly will look like.) Our paths will undoubtedly cross again … especially as you’re someone who appreciates my beloved Brasil!

  • fredmcmurray

    Its great to have a full plate and not be bored

    • Never bored, Fred. But at times we need to make a little room on the plate to let new adventures make their way onto it … 😉 BTW, I’ve enjoyed the at-times acerbic wit of your comments!

  • Gilly G Fisher

    Sharon I love listening and reading your articles, they are always so inspiring and helpful. Your writing preparedness is very similar to mine, I sometimes have better flowing thoughts right before I need them. It is so nice to read your journey and how you came to today. I wish you the best in in your new projects, of course I know you will do well in anything you partake. I’ll always remember you as my friendly wise money guide 😀 take good care, I’ll be looking out for you!

    • Happy to be your “friendly wise money guide,” Gilly. I’ve also benefited from your wisdom when it comes to staying in shape by walking and running!

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  • Sharon, I have always loved listening to and reading your articles as well. I am going to miss your inspiration in this niche. I would also like to wish you the very best as you embark on your next chapter.

    • Robin, I’m glad to know they were valuable to you! I know we’ll stay in contact and certainly cross paths again.

  • Patricia Ogilvie

    Good luck on your new adventures wonderful lady!! Of coure, keep in touch via socila media and best of luck to you!! P

    • Thank you, Patricia! And I’ll continue to watch your wonderful journey as well! Warm wishes 😉

  • Cheryl Relf

    You are an amazing and powerful author, Sharon! I’m so blessed to read more from you in our group on social media. <3

    • I admit I get great joy out of writing when I know it helps women gain control over their money, Cheryl. I’m sorting out how to do that again … 😉