Everybody Wants More Money

Everybody Wants More Money

Ask people what their greatest problem is and, almost always, it comes down to the same thing:  “I need more money.”  “If only I had more money…”

Whether they say, “I wish I had more sales in my business,” “I didn’t get a raise this year,” or “Food and gas prices have shot through the roof,” the message is the same:  I need more money.

Money will fix everything.  Bad relationships.  Too much stress.  Pending foreclosures.  Unaffordable health insurance.  Massive credit card debt.  Retirement worries.

And, it’s true:  if money ceased to be an issue tomorrow, many pressures would disappear.  But, short of winning the lottery, that’s not likely to happen all by itself.

Does that mean that nothing will ever change, or that you simply have to accept where you are today?

Not at all.

But it does mean that, rather than just wishing, maybe it’s time to ask yourself two telling questions:

1.    What did I do to get where I am?
2.    What am I willing to do to get out?

Notice the word “I” in both questions.  As little as that word is, it’s huge in what it says about your mindset.  It says that you take personal responsibility for your past, your present, and your future.

It means you are looking inward instead of outward for a solution to whatever is not working for you.  And, for the majority of people, that is where the seed of the problem exists.

It’s not until you invest some time in understanding how you feel about money, where your money beliefs come from, and how those beliefs affect the decisions you make that you’ll see a change on the outside.

So if you tend to solve problems by buying a book, buy one on money mindset instead of one on smart investing.  If you answer all your questions by doing Google research, key in “money mindset” instead of “getting out of debt.”  If your first reaction is to take some kind of action, find yourself a money support group instead of a new financial planner.

Get a solid understanding of how you’re behaving with money and change those behaviors that aren’t healthy for your finances.  Then you’ll find that the sales in your business start to climb … you’ll get the raise you’re looking for … and you’ll be able to afford the higher cost of food and gas.

In short, you’ll be taking control of your money … and your life.

Please leave me a comment below on what you might be willing to change …


Bio:  Sharon O’Day lost everything at age 53: her home, her business, everything. But how could that be? She’s an expert in global finance and marketing with an MBA from the Wharton School. She has worked with governments, corporations, and individuals … yes, she was the secret “weapon,” if you will, behind many individuals in high places. But yet she did! Since then, Sharon has interviewed countless women and done extensive research to understand how that could have happened, especially with her strong knowledge of numbers and finance.

The surprising answers will be shared in her upcoming book “Money After Menopause.” Today her mission is to show as many women as possible how to become financially free for the long term, through her “Over Fifty and Financially Free” coaching programs.  She has developed a step-by-step plan to get past all the obstacles that keep women broke and scared … and from reaching the financial peace of mind they so deserve.

  • Thank you sharing this information Sharon! Getting a solid understanding is key…Thanks, Hughie

    • Hughie, most solutions we’re offered are external.  But I’ve learned that if we don’t get the internal part right, the solutions either don’t work … or don’t stick!

  • Lizabet Nix

    Just the right balance of inspiration and practicality.  A valuable article.

    • Thanks for the endorsement, Lizabet.  As my “chief grammarian” these days, I take your kudos seriously … 😉

  • Anonymous

    Love the questions Sharon…it is up to us to change what we don’t like and when it comes to our finances you are just the person to guide us! Thanks for all you do for so many! Great article to motivate taking personal responsibility and then getting it done!

    • Denny, the more I live, the more I read and the more I learn, the phrase that makes it all make sense is “personal responsibility.”  Everything emanates from there.  How great to be able to offer that to young people so they base their life decisions on something solid all along!

  • Great thoughts Sharon!  Love how you focused on the “I” in this.  We have to be willing to take personal responsibility if we want to overcome the different circumstances in our lives! 

    • Jennifer, regardless what our life situation is … single, married, parent or not … it DOES all come back to the “I.”  Not in a selfish way, but in that the “I” has to be healthy in order for us to be valuable to others. 

  • More and more people are coming to understand that when you “change your mind” you can change your life. Thanks for pointing out that this principle has a definite effect on our money situation.   

    • Vicky, curiously enough, often the “door” to enter that understanding IS through the effect on our money situation.  To change your mind on your money, you have to look at larger issues and … you can change your life!

  • Such a gentle yet firm reminder that it is from the abundance of our heart (or lack thereof) from which flows the rest of our abundance.  Still struggling with so many mindset pot-holes around this issue–thank you for your constant encouragement!

    • Elise, you can count on me to beat this drum–gently, as you say–for a long time to come!

  • Wil

    Agreed. “I” can be a major problem. It’s the second and third person pronouns that make life special.
    Thanks, Sharon!

    • Wil, maybe not “major problem,” but certainly the key to making the rest fall into place!

  • Tamarah

    LOVE it!  It really is about the the undercurrent of thoughts that go through our mind.  Great post and I’m gonna check out Google – money mindset! 😉

    • I know the word ‘mindset’ seems overused these days, Tamarah.  Probably because so many people are waking up to the fact that your attitudes and beliefs affect virtually everything …

  • Nancy

    I love that advice about looking inward, not outward. If you clean up your money stuff on the inside, the outside will (almost) take care of itself. Another great post. Thank you.

    • Another way of looking at it, Nancy, is that if you DON’T clean up your money stuff on the inside, it’s virtually impossible that the outside will take care of itself.  And since “How you do money is how you do everything” … hmmmmmm.

  • Sondra

    Well said Sharon and so true that a little housekeeping on the inside will yield a tremendous return overall.

    • And we know must how much we all like to clean … 😉

  • A simple truth presented in a concise manner!  I like it.  Even though I won’t be going through menopause, your book sounds very intriguing.  I can’t wait to read it as I know money mindset matters are no respecter of persons (or sex).  Thanks for sharing Sharon!

  • Simple questions that involves going deep within, taking responsibility and make necessary changes even if it causes ‘pain’.