Kind Words

Sharon, meeting YOU is an incredible experience. You are fountain of wisdom wrapped up in intrigue and fascination.

Kevin Hogan, Psy.D., Author of The Psychology of Persuasion and The Science of Influence

This is such great information. The steps are easy to implement and I am going to use them in my personal and business life, too. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and helping us to achieve our personal financial balance, even after the age of 50!

Carla Gardiner
Carla's Transport Services

You have such a massive calling on your life and it is a real joy to see you embracing it. Thank you for caring enough to take this leg of the journey with me.

PJ McClure, Author of Flip the S.W.I.T.C.H.
The Mindset Maven

When I first met Sharon, I didn’t know what a change agent she’d be in my life.  We started out doing business together.  Then she coached me in my business practices and later how I treated money and my financial future.  Our informal talks became formal mentoring with clear goals.  In each session she gave me what I needed to move forward on my own.  Now we meet when I need help with a new challenge. This is serious information, but she makes it so easy to understand, I really look forward to our sessions.  In fact, I see her as a trusted friend.  I’ve watched her passion grow each year to help women reach financial independence.  What’s unique is that, while I’ve made big life changes, she’s sensitive to how I can integrate them with my family and business.

M. Grillo
Miami, FL

Sharon I love what you are up to. You are an absolute breath of fresh air!

Michaele Harrington

I am sitting here about ready to have done so much for me. Can I just tell you how THANKFUL I am. I appreciate you so much.

Angela Kay Giles

Ladies regardless of your age, you just never know when your finances will become stagnant, something happens to your provider, etc. Sometimes we are stuck in life too. So the Mother of Finances, as she will read here, can help beef up your game plan. She's been there and wore the tee shirt. Regardless of your age, it's time. I wish I had a Sharon ODay in my life. I'm working on my business now, but not the expert she is in this area. Go to the top and leave the "non pros" who have not done it, alone. She's your key if you desire to change! Make a decision and go for it without any turning back! I'm almost crying here. I want more for you then I had for me, but I'm in catch up mode now!

Carol Rosenberg Giambri

Sharon, you … shed brilliant light into the dark corners of rooms many of us wish we didn't have to look into... and you remove the fear and provide simple tools that are like steps we can all climb together on to get over the top of our money phobias! I'm very grateful to you and very much looking forward to your upcoming book!

Susan McKenzie
Life Story Book

Suzi Orman step aside!’ So grateful to be a part of the great reveal - Sharon's Amazing Wisdom!! 🙂

“Thank you so much for allowing me to be that person and to assist you to reach your goals and your destiny! I really do consider it an honor to not only be working with you but to also call you a friend. I'm super excited about all you will release into the world! 2011 is going to be utterly amazing!

Sandi Krakowski
A Real Change

Sharon, You bring to light the "limiting beliefs" surrounding money that we receive in childhood and the impact they have on us in our adult lives. While my work focuses on inspiring and helping parents avoid passing them on to their children, you have brilliantly offered valuable advice to recognize and release these negative and crippling beliefs in adulthood. Well Done! Thank you for sharing your insights...they will help so many people.

Denny Hagel
The Missing Secret To Parenting

... can't wait to get my hands on your book! You are providing so much valuable information and wisdom many are desperately seeking when it comes to handling our finances. Information we have never been taught before, yet is so essential to making peace with money and growing our wealth.

Carol Douthitt
Web Marketing Connections

Yesterday when I woke …I sat up in bed and put pen to paper and got closer to knowing about my current finances... feels so good to work with it and not worry with it… making friends with the past and accepting my mistakes and moving forward ... Thank you for your guidance... Knowing you are there really helps! Knowing there are answers to be revealed is so wonderful... and I am moving forward... I am so grateful!

Ellodee Cloninger
Phoenix, AZ

Sharon O’Day is my personal miracle-worker! Through careful listening and insightful feedback, she’s assisted me in distilling some pretty wide-ranging thoughts into what I’m truly passionate about and, what’s more, has me absolutely believing in my own ability to build a business around it. The guidance she’s shared thus far, combined with her natural empathy and compassion, is exactly what I needed to push through the sticky spots and fast track my results. Believe it or not, I spent several years trying to do on my own what Sharon’s helped me accomplish in a few weeks. I’m delighted with the results of our work together! ~ Judy Roberson

Judy Roberson
San Jose, CA