What I’ve Been Saying …

Here are some interviews and articles that will give you a better idea of how I feel about my favorite topics, especially about how to help women become “Over 50, Fabulous … and Financially Free!”

Living Better at 50+

December 1, 2011  Holiday Gifting: Forget Global, Think Local

November 14, 2011  Holiday Shopping: Keeping Your Money Safe

November 14, 2011  Letting Go of Prince Charming

August 1, 2011  3 Simple Steps for Wresting Your Finances into Submission

June 1, 2011   How to Cure Head Chatter When It Comes to Your Money

May 4, 2011  Mothers, Don’t Let Your Daughters Grow Up to Be Clueless

April 8, 2011  Hallelujah, I Have to Pay Taxes!

March 1, 2011  Everybody Wants More Money


October 13, 2011  Interviewed by Doug Evans, Missing Power

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June 1, 2011  Interviewed by Rosey Dow, The Prospect Profiler

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