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How and When to Talk to Your Partner about Money

Do you get tongue-tied talking about money? If so, here’s

how to avoid the discomfort ‘money talk’ usually brings

and how to build a trusting relationship with your mate forever …

whether you’re dating, tying the knot soon or long-time married:


How to Talk to Your Partner About Money E-book* A simple exercise that cracks the door on his and your real feelings about money

* 7 straight talks to have early on, so you two know you’re financially compatible (or that fix it, if you’re not!)

* 6 hot tips to avoid major meltdowns if talking about money ever gets touchy

* The financial pillars that are crucial to building a life-long, fulfilling relationship!

So whether it’s for you, your daughter or the girl next door, this 27-page “play-book” offers easy tools and tips to get conversations going about that taboo topic: Money!


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