So What Role Does Money Play in Your Life?

As much as we want to wrap it in emotion, money isn’t ‘about us’.

Here’s the economist’s explanation:  It’s just an efficient way for products and services to exchange hands.  It’s a way of ‘thanking’ each person’s contribution at each step along the way, from the creation of that product or service to its delivery to you.  That’s where money’s integrity comes from.  Totally independent of you.

But at the personal level, like the rest of us you’ve created the stage on which you ask money to play a role.  To take the analogy a little further, as theater director, you can rearrange the scenery – or furniture – at will.  Some of the scenery you inherited.  Some was put there for you.  Some you chose yourself.  And none of it is permanent.

That’s what I call your ‘money mindset’.

Within that mindset, which you’ve probably never given much thought to, consciously or unconsciously you define what role your money plays.  Again, like being the director of the play.  You cast it as villain or hero. Victim or abuser.  Demanding diva.  Chipper cheerleader.  Testy taskmaster.  That’s entirely up to you.

Now, the good news is that once you understand and accept this concept … and you take back the control you’ve given ‘money’ over your life … you have the power to write the next act of your life.  And the next.  And the next.

C’mon, let’s rewrite your next act.

  • Hi Sharon…GREAT post! What do you mean money isn’t about us?? LOL! I love all the analogies, it really brought it home for me and the humor you applied made it a fun learning experience. I think the Director is about to yell..”Action!”

    Fantastic job…keep them coming! This is not something that many people talk about, and yet it is a very real issue.

    • Thanks, Dana, for your support as I put all this ‘thought’ into a format others can benefit from … including finally getting my blog going!

  • This is an inspiring post and one that I will continue to think about. My husband went back to school at age thirty-eight, and now has his Ph.D. in Psychology. Because of his student loan debt, we financially have to live the same way we did when he was in school. I have cast money as “the villain” without even realizing it until reading your post. I will hold on to these words “none of it is permanent” and look for a different name for money. 🙂

    • Sara, thanks for the kind words. This is a concept I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about. I’m developing some videos and will continue blogging about the topic because too many of us have lost too much energy and sleep … to messages embedded in our minds that are counter-productive. Hope you’ll keep coming back to my blog!

  • Delmy

    Yes it’s all up to us to decide how we will distribute the money in our daily lives. Perfect timing to post this valuable insight as we prepare to be overwhelmed with temptations to over spend during the holiday season. Thanks Sharon

  • Maggie DeGennaro

    Good information Sharon O’Day. It’s important to have a plan and a balance..