Three Little Questions

Over the past few years, my friends have watched as I’ve gotten more and more passionate about understanding the things that lead us to make bad financial decisions. The things that keep us from thriving. The things that brought my own financial world down after 9/11.

By ‘bad financial decisions’ I’m not talking about picking the wrong stock. Or what mortgage would have been the best one for you. I’m talking about behaviors that keep us in a perpetual state of financial stress.

(And, yes, I’ve figured them out.)

More recently, the Economic Meltdown of 2009 (and the devastation it’s left in its wake) has taken that passion to the ‘Gotta Share’ state.

Part of my hope is that we can all learn to look more objectively … and talk more openly … about money. Defuse the emotion around it. Rewire our ‘money mindset’.

Think about it: why is it we talk more easily about our sex lives and our digestive tracks than we do about our finances? Why is our self worth so tied up in our net worth? Why is it that, if we truly know what we want our lives to look like, we behave in ways that don’t lead us there?

In order to help me tailor the products, publications and seminar topics that I’m working on to what’s of greatest interest to you … after all, it’s you I want to share this knowledge with … I’ve put together a super-short survey I’d like you to fill out. Three little questions.

I’d be really grateful if you’d click on this link and voice your opinion.