Two Scary Words: “Now What?”

Say you’ve been skating by, month after month, barely paying all your bills.  But you don’t have anything set aside in savings.  You know you need to cut back on your spending.  When the economy was stronger, you bought things for yourself ‘just cuz’ … just cuz you could.  Besides, you felt you’d earned them.

But this year, despite all the scary talk you hear on tv, you’re still buying things.

Now you hear a rumor that there’s going to be another round of layoffs at work.

Now what?

Any time you know in the back of your mind that the way you’re dealing with your money isn’t healthy for you in the long run … yet you do nothing about it … it’s an old, well-established behavior playing itself out.

I call these ‘gremlins’ … behaviors that developed out of memories of events (whether real or imagined) that happened to us when we were children.  Symptoms of unfinished business from childhood. We all have them and we can all get past them.

What caused yours?  What behaviors have they resulted in as an adult?  We can look at those another time.

But for now, let’s look at your answer to the question “Now what?” … regardless what situation actually brought it on.

You’re either going to stick your head back in the sand … or you’re going to feel deep down in your gut that it’s time to figure out, for once and for all, why you’re allowing so much pain and anxiety to poison your days and nights.

If you decide it’s time to face reality, you’ve just had what I call a “Moment of Reckoning.”  In other words, it’s time to fix things.

What you may not know is what actually needs to be fixed.  It’s something called your “money mindset.”   It’s a topic near and dear to my heart.  Something I blog about.  Something I think about a lot.  Something I’m writing a book about that can speed up the ‘fixing’ process.

Stick around!