Women, Money and Self-Responsibility

Women, Money and Self-Responsibility

On Saturday, as I sat in the audience of nearly 800 people at a conference in California, the speaker said,

“There are only two ways to change your life:  either something new comes into your life … or something new comes out of you.”

Shocking.  So simple, yet so crystal clear.  And I couldn’t argue.  Why else would anything change?

My focus shifted to my greatest area of interest:  women and their relationship with money.  I realized that the statement epitomized the challenge so many women face:

  • Either Prince Charming (in one form or another) is going to come save me, or
  • I’m going to take personal responsibility for my future and save myself.

In other words, either I’m going to hand the control over my future to some outside force, or I’m going to bring it home and take control myself.

As you think about your finances today:

  • How comfortable are you with your financial situation?
  • How easily do you close out each month?
  • How reassured are you about how you’ll finance your later years?

In short, which of the two ways are you betting on:

  • Are you looking for someone else to solve all your problems?
  • Or are you ready to solve them yourself?

If you can honestly say you’re ready to take personal responsibility, I have a gift for you.

Send me an email to oday@sharonoday.com by 3 p.m. on Wednesday, September 14, and I will email you free access to the workshop described at www.MoneyMasteryMakeover.com.  In it, I take the key ingredients of what I teach in my one-on-one coaching programs … and put them in a 4-session workshop you can attend over two weeks … over the phone.  And if you’re in the U.S., the calls are free.  (If you’re abroad, you can call in for free by computer, but will not be able to join in on the extensive Q&A.)  The four 1-hour calls take place:

Thursday, Sept 15 at 9 pm ET/ 6 pm PT
Tuesday, Sept 20 at 9 pm ET/ 6 pm PT
Thursday, Sept 22 at 9 pm ET/ 6 pm PT
Tuesday, Sept 27 at 9 pm ET/ 6 pm PT

In my Money Mastery Makeover workshop, I reveal the simple secrets that no one has been willing or able to share with you about what’s holding you back … or leading you to self-sabotage when it comes to your money.  (Regardless how successful you are elsewhere.)

It was being marketed at $147.  But after hearing what the speaker said Saturday, I realize this information is too crucial to be unavailable to some for money reasons.  It should be made available to all.  For now.

However, free access will require being on the calls, no replays.

I’m refunding the money to all those who had already signed up and paid.  Everyone gets this gift.

So I can’t wait to see an email from you saying you’re going to join us.  This could really be a game-changer for you.  Don’t let the opportunity slip by!


Bio:  Sharon O’Day lost everything at age 53: her home, her business, everything. But how could that be? She’s an expert in global finance and marketing with an MBA from the Wharton School. She has worked with governments, corporations, and individuals … yes, she was the secret “weapon,” if you will, behind many individuals in high places. But yet she did! Since then, Sharon has interviewed countless women and done extensive research to understand how that could have happened, especially with her strong knowledge of numbers and finance.

The surprising answers will be shared in her upcoming book “Money After Menopause.” Today her mission is to show as many women as possible how to become financially free for the long term, through her “Over Fifty and Financially Free” coaching programs.  She has developed a step-by-step plan to get past all the obstacles that keep women broke and scared … and from reaching the financial peace of mind they so deserve.

  • Sharon, your offer is more than incredible! Knowing the depth of your knowledge and wisdom this will be absolutely life changing for everyone who has the good sense to take you up on your generous offer! Blessings for all you do~

  • Crystal

    This is very Cool Sharon!  Can’t wait!  Thank you!

  • Judy Roberson

    Thank you for your wonderful generosity, Sharon!  This is a key piece of the huge life shift that’s occurring for me right now.  Couldn’t come at a better time!

  • Wow,  you are sharing your blessing.  Thanks for the reminder that we all need to take personal responsiblity and grow and learn and you are there for those that want your help.

  • Jaime

    You are truly being a blessing in so many women’s lives by offering this great info for free.

  • Sharon, How very generous of you! Thank you for the many women who will benefit from you sharing your knowledge!.

  • Sharon, this offer is unbelievable. You’re wonderful!! This is a message that needs to be heard right now, especially in these economic times. The fact that you’re making this a gift is beyond generous. Looking forward to the information. Thanks again!

  • What a gift to all women over 50, Sharon. If I were going to be within reach of a phone, I would be on those calls. However, I’ll be traveling with my kids and grandkids basking in the moments of sheer bliss on the Washington coast. Oh how I wish it were recorded…next time I’ll share in your gift with gladness as your expertise is welcomed here in this anti-aging, fiery grandma’s financial picture.


  • Thanks for the “gift.” I will be in California at an event so first call may miss.  I still would love to hear the others.  I too wish it was recorded even for limited time. Thank you for caring about women. I will send you email now.

    • Carol, check out today’s post (on my Home page) where you’ll see
      instructions on how you can get access to the replay and still catch up
      … in case you didn’t sign up before. 😉

  • Sondra

    Sharon, may everything you so selflessly do for others come back to you 10 fold.

  • Denny, Crystal, Judy, Pat, Jaime, Michele, Beth, Carla and Carol … Thanks to each of you for the kind words!  I couldn’t do otherwise after that clear “aha” moment saying that gifting access was the right thing to do.  (BTW, I’m getting emails from men as well, saying “What about us?”  Of course they’re welcome!  Money’s money.)  Please let anyone know who you think might be able to benefit from this series as well.  Warmly, Sharon

  • Rachelle

    What a gift, and how very generous of you Sharon!

  • Thank you for sharing! Good points to think about.

  • ENO Nsima-Obot MD

    Great article Sharon. Sad I missed the offer. I am real big around creating breakthroughs around my personal finances currently

    • Eno, check out today’s post (on the Home page) where you’ll see instructions on how you can get access to the replay and still catch up … 😉

  • Excellent information and article Sharon! …Thank you, Hughie

  • Christinalee1

    When is your book being published !  🙂 Chris Lee

    • Still targeting sometime this Fall, Christina!  Thanks for asking …

  • Great information for women Sharon! Women tend to be emotional about money and yes I think there are many who wait for something… great message to those who are still waiting 😉

  • Jen

    Love this Sharon and the weekly wisdom you offer us!  Great questions to too that need to be pondered.  Thanks again!

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  • Robin

    Sharon a little over a year ago my world was turned upside down, long story short after being in a lawsuit for over a year, I ? my financial security. I keep faith and hope but no it is myself you will turn this around for my family after the attorneys have taking so much of it.   Thank you for your constant encouragement and informative articles.

  • robin

    My spelling is not so great this mornning- I keep faith and hope and know that it is mysel who will turn this around for my family,

    • Anonymous

      Robin, I know it’s doubly difficult when an external force (such as a lawsuit) adds to the pressures of a bad economy with all its implications.  Very few of us get through this life without having that tough accumulation at some point; I know I sure did.  But it truly is a matter of looking honestly at what’s left, salvaging what’s most important, shedding what’s not … and rebuilding in a healthier way.  Let me know if there’s anything I can help you work through.

  • I especially like the message you are giving encouraging women to focus on taking financial responsibility for themselves, awesomeness : )