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“Full Financial Freedom Secrets (even if you don’t have a dime in your 401k!):
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Thursday, September 1, at 6 pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern
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  • The 3 biggest MYTHS about money that are keeping you from being financially free and from even trying any more (WARNING: these are so disempowering that 35% of women age 40-79 in the U.S. have less than $50,000 set aside for retirement!)
  • The 6 INNER FEARS or doubts regarding money that you’re most likely struggling with … needlessly (especially if you’re a woman business owner!)
  • The #1 MISTAKE you make when you try to take back control of your money (and none of the coaches or financial planners ever even TALK about this!)
  • What you MUST do to get started on the right foot in changing your relationship with money (and do this FIRST, so you don’t waste your precious time repeating old patterns!)
  • The 3 aspects of money that no one ever talks about (and how if you’re missing any one of them you’ll never thrive!)
  • My simple, 3-Step Formula for clearing out your head trash, getting straight with your money, and stepping on the accelerator towards a life where you’re financially free (no matter where you’re starting today!)
  • My exact SCRIPT that proves that it’s about much more than just money:  it’s about your entire life!

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I look forward to “baring my soul” where it comes to what I know about money and how it trips women up relentlessly.

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Sharon O'Day



Sharon O’Day, MBA
Founder of Over 50 and Financially Free
Money Expert, Hand-Holder and Coach

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